Stephan Guber

Stephan Guber has born in 1965 in Germany, he works as a freelance artist in different mediums since 25 years. Sculpting became the biggest part of his profession in the time from 2000 till today. He had plenty of solo and group exhibitions, national and international, joined in a lot of artist symposiums all over Europe. He has won three art prices and has done some public commisions.

A special relationship he allways had to Scandinavia, especially Finland, where he traveled and worked a lot of times. He also participated at the Kemijärvi Woodsculpting Symposium in 2009. 

Right now, (January 2013) he just came back from Australia, where he did an art-project in Sep-Oct 2012, to work here in Kemijärvi on ice and snow sculptures. He also plans to realize a bigger sculptural working project here up in the north in the future.

The human being in his inner and outer existence and his embedded in the world around him is always in the center of his efforts.







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