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On these pages you can find pictures about the history of the Artist's Residency. The picture gallery is updated after the events. You can also read about the happenings on the page “Events”.


18.10.2007 The Opening of Installations Exhibition of Japanese

artist Kazuko Kizawa

5.10.2007 The Polar Night Light event contained also special lights at Kemijärvi city streets.

5.10.2007 The Polar Night Light event. There was a performance show “Capture of the Fire Fish” by Dragon Dance Theatre group and volunteers


The Closing Ceremony of the Kemijärvi Artist Residency project.

16.8.2007 Visual Artist Tea Mäkipää presented her art works, international work and her art project in Kemijärvi.

27.6.–1.7.2007 Turkish painter Ünal Kus's exhibition. He delivered painting workshop for the audience and exposed oil colour paintings of his own.

25.6.–1.7.2007 Kemijärvi Sculpture and Culture Foundation and Kemijärvi Civic School co-operated raku and pit firing course during the symposium. Course’s Turkish teachers Sema Okan and Kemal Tizgöl were also guests in the Artist Residence.

10.5.2007 Finnish lighting and sound designer Ilkka Volanen's exhibition in the residence was open until the end of May.

26.4.2007 German publisher Manuela Eicenroth and Danish writer Per Michaelsen kept a lecture in the residence. They are making biography about Manuela’s experiences.

16.4.2007 Italian photographer Gianluca Cosci kept a photograph exhibition in the residence was open until the end of April. At left In the photo there is also artist Sarah Sharp from USA, Oregon.

21.2.2007 The Northern Artist Residence Forum’s participants visited Kemijärvi.

Turkish sculptor Varol Topaç and ceramic artist Sema Okan made three ice sculptures in the centre of Kemijärvi town.

The Kemijärvi amateur theatre’s actors in group picture before premier 18.1.2007.

Snow- and Ice-Sculpting course was arranged in winter 2006-2007. Dalimil Vrtal is sculpting ice in front of the Kemijärvi city hall.

Hungarian art painter Veronika Varga had an exhibition ”In the Vice of Two Skies” in January 2007.

Hungarian-Finnish culture event was organised 17.12.2006 in Northeast Lapland’s Conservatory. In the photo are poet Roland Acsai and translator Maria Yliheikkilä.

Czech theatre costumer Lucie Vrtalová had an exhibition in the artist residence called ”My Life in Lapland” in December 2006.

Veronika Varga introduces her home country’s culture in the Hungarian Culture Event 24.11.2006.

Audience in the Czech Culture Event 16.11.2006.

Czech artist Dalimil Vrtal had an art exhibition “Finland is an Ocean” in November 2006.

Subcommittee for Artists in Residence of the Arts Council of Finland visited Kemijärvi 2. – 3.11.2006.

Three pieces of art by the Hungarian artist Veronika Varga were on shown in front of the entrance 11.10.2006.

During the filming of the culture program, the residence's working group arranged European Cultural Soirée for invited guests 11.10.2006.

European Cultural Soirée 11.10.2006. Hungarian poet Roland Acsai recited poems, which he wrote while living in Kemijärvi. Painter Veronika Varga and Leena Mursu pronounced poems in Finnish.

Illuminated piece of art by Dalimil Vrtal, Czech Republic in front of the Artists residence 11.10.2006

Taavi Kassila gave a lecture in the residence 8.9.200. Subject was "How meditation affects creativity and happiness".

30.8.2006. Press conference at Residence. Conference was arranged for people who are interested in courses  which will be direkted by Dalimil Vrtal and Lucie Vrtalova.

22.8.2006 Residency's old concreting cast removed.

Artist in Residence Harald Melrose Turek's Media Art exhibition "Virranvaihto" opening 6.8.2006.

 An exhibition by the primary school children from  East lapland  in the Artist's Residency 1.-14.7.2006. There is almost 200 drawings and the topic was "What is the meaning of the train in East Lapland". 

Sari Nikola's painting exhibition called "Beauty of Kemijärvi Part II" in the Residency 19.-29.6.2006.

A part of the installation: “Zoo York”, artist Sabrina Harri.

Installation was exhibited in April 2006.

A part of the installation: “Zoo York”, artist Sabrina Harri.

Installation was exhibited in April 2006.

Taavi Kassila is giving a lecture on the 7th of April on the subject: “How meditation affects creativity”.

Pictures from the exhibition of Sari Nikola in the Residency in March 2006.

Sari Nikola peeps out of a snow sculpture.

Baaba Jakeh Chande, who visited the Residency in March 2006, peeps out of a snow sculpture.

During his visit, Dalimil Vrtal from The Czech Republic made two snow sculptures; the one in the picture was made in Jaakontori, Kemijärvi, and the other one in Pyhätunturi.

On the picture (from the left) Petra-Maria Saarinen, Pasi Vierelä and Dalimil Vrtal. February 2005.

The official openings of the Residency on the 27th of November, 2005

The apple trees were blooming beautifully at the beginning of the summer in 2005.

18.6.2005. Facades next to the street (Patakatu) repaired and repainted.

10.6.2005. The café / gallery still looked like this.


4.4.2005. The staircase was completely renewed. The material on the stairs is Portuguese flagstone.

19.11.2004. They are building storage space on the northern side of the building, and a shed is being built in front of the entrance.