Leila Puolakka

-          Interaction with materials and environment are significant aspects in the artworks of Leila Puolakka. Environment gives both impulses and materials. By giving time and engagement to working processes, can unique and place related artworks be created and constructed. The northern circumstances are the starting point for the artworks in Lappland.  Snow and ice fascinates as natural elements of an environment and part of everyday life as well as source and material for the art. Meaning of the place and interaction in time and space between material and environment  are the essential  points of her  artworks.

Leila Puolakka has a long experience in the variety of commitments on the field of art and craft education. She has got degrees  in design from Lahti Institute of Design and Fine Arts at Lahti University of Applied Sciences  and from Arts Academy at Turku University of Applied Sciences. She has been studying art education in UIAH - University of Industrial Arts and Sciences.

Lappland and Kemijärvi carries a special significance for the artist., since her childhood memories are bound there until age of ten.  Northern location is familiar, wintertime with it`s darkness of polar nigh, snow and ice, frozen silent world and special shimmered colours. Same time, as an artistic working location, it is a new and extraordinary experience. Recidency in Kemijärvi gives an unique  chance to learn to work with snow as a material for art, since the knowledge of snowsculpting is there outstanding.









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