An Artist Residency at the Arctic Circle


The old and unused dairy building has been renovated by the Kemijärvi Sculpture and Culture Foundation as an artist's Residency. The dairy building is one of the few stone buildings in the centre of Kemijärvi that survived the world wars. The renovation was done in the years 2003 – 2005.

The purpose of the Residency is to concentrate on international artist exchange. The traditional Wood Sculpting Symposium held in Kemijärvi is connected to the activities of the artist's Residency. The purpose is also that the visiting artists will participate in developing local art and cultural life. 


The Residency is located in the centre of our beautiful town. Next to it there is a market place where many events are held annually. The central location of the residence enables versatile free time activities. In the town there is a movie theatre, swimming pool and spa, an adult college, etc. The facilities for the outdoor and nature activities are also versatile in our region.



The Kemijärvi artist Residency is one of the largest artist Residency in Finland. It is managed by the Kemijärvi Sculpture and Culture Foundation that was established by the town of Kemijärvi and Kemijärvi Wood Sculpting Association on the 23rd of June in 2003. The artist Residency is a member of the international Res Artis Organisation.