Artwork from the series "Migration of the Rhinoceros" 
Roger Gaudreau, Canada 2010

Roger Gaudreau, Canada / Quebec started the "Migration of the Rhinoceros" -art project for more than ten years ago. The artist wants to tell about the climate change and the global warming, as a result of it, the exotic animals roam to the cold areas, which gradually gets warmer. The aim is to prepare local people for this cultural change. There is five of rhino species and all of them are endangered. Rhinos live in Africa and Asia and they are poached for their horns, in addition their living areas are in danger to be destroyed.

Gaudreau has realized altogether 11 rhinos; the first seven rhinos have been lost over time, because they have been made of degradable organic materials. The first in Europe, north of the Arctic Circle in Kemijärvi, completed in mid-July 2010 a rhino, which is one the four permanent rhinos in the world. Gaudreau will always use local materials in his art works. In Kemijärvi the materials were local stones and 6 mm thick steel rods.
The Arts and Literature Society of the Quebec Provincial Government awarded a scholarship to artist Roger Gaudreau for carry out this Rhino in Kemijärvi.

The four permanent rhinos in the world are:

1. A Chung, 2003, Jin-Shan, Taiwan

2. Guylaine, 2003, Baie-des-Chaleurs, Canada

3. Mavis, 2007, University of Tasmania, Launceston, Australia

4. Leena, 2010, Kemijärvi, Finland