Events and guests







Researcher of Art History Heli Saarinen gave a lecture by the theme “The Dark Edge of the North” - woodcarvings of Olaus Magnus



The Opening of Installations Exhibition of Japanese artist Kazuko Kizawa



The Closing Ceremony of the Kemijärvi Artist Residency project and the Polar Night Light event. Lots of local institutions and volunteer groups arranged the event together with residency team.

The event included the night cruise with M/S Ahti and guided Light Path from the centre to the harbour area. At the Kuumalampi Pond was presented a performance “Capture of the Fire Fish”. 

Japanese artist Kazuko Kizawa installed a floating work of art by Kuumalampi pond. Around one thousand people took part in the event. The artist residence offered hot juice after the show.



Kemijärvi Artist Residence is open 16th of August at 18.00-. Visual Artist Tea Mäkipää will present her art works, international work and her art project in Kemijärvi.

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Turkish painter Ünal Kus was staying at the Residence during Woodsculpting Symposium. He delivered painting workshop for the audience and exposed oil colour paintings of his own.



Kemijärvi Sculpture and Culture Foundation and Kemijärvi Civic School co-operated raku and pit firing course during the symposium. Course’s Turkish teachers Sema Okan and Kemal Tizgöl were also guests in the Artist Residence.



Sarah Sharp from USA kept exhibition in Kemijärvi Culture Centre. On show were also Ilkka Volanen’s and Gianluca Cosci’s photos of Kemijärvi. Exhibition was open until 29th of June.

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Finnish lighting and sound designer Ilkka Volanen opened his exhibition in the residence. Exhibition concerted his work “Light room II - photo album”. Exhibition was open until the end of May.

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Manuela Eicenroth’s life in East Germany –lecture in the residence. Lecture was kept by German publisher Manuela Eicenroth and Danish writer Per Michaelsen. They are making biography about Manuela’s experiences.

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Italian photographer Gianluca Cosci kept a photograph exhibition in the residence. Cosci took some close-ups from Kemijärvi surroundings, his exhibition was open until the end of April.

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Swiss artist Maja Rieder visited in Kemijärvi Artist Residence. During the visit Maja participated in to the Northern Artist Residence Forum and made ice sculptures alongside of the residence.



The Northern Artist Residence Forum in Rovaniemi, February 20th – 22nd 2007.

Participants of the forum visited Kemijärvi 21st of February. Sightseeing-tour included visit to International Sculpture exhibition Puustelli and introduction to Kemijärvi Artist Residence.


31.1. –6.2.2007

Turkish sculptor Varol Topaç and ceramic artist Sema Okan made three ice sculptures in Kemijärvi town. Sema made also two ceramic sculptures.

Sema and Varol took also part in “Art Meets Ice” competition in Korkeasaari Zoo, Helsinki; they were placed in the sixth position.



Hungarian artist couple are coming to Residency. Painter Veronika Varga is going to paint with different techniques and Roland Acsai will write poems about life and experiences in Kemijärvi while staying.


About 12th August 2006 until 31st of January 2007

Dalimil, Lucie Vrtalová and their son Peter (about 4 years) from Prague, The Czech Republic are coming to make textile art and they will possibly teach in the Adult College of Kemijärvi. Dalimil is also going to do some textile art in the staircase of the Dairy house. Lucie who is a theatre costumier is going to work with the amateur theatre of Kemijärvi.


18.9.2006 – January 2007

The drama course was arranged in cooperation with Kemijärvi Open College and Kemijärvi Artist Residence and the director of the course was Anne Niskala. The costumes and masks were made in mask and costume course tutored by Lucie Vrtalová.
Dramatization “Ohton häät – the Wedding of a bear” was presented on open-air stage 20. and 27. of January.

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The Snow- and Ice-sculpting course was arranged in cooperation with Kemijärvi Artist Residence and Kemijärvi open college. Sculptors U.K. Kärri and Dalimil Vrtal were teachers of the course.



Hungarian art painter Veronika Varga had an exhibition ”In the Vice of Two Skies” in January 2007. Exhibition consisted paintings and collages.

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Hungarian poet Roland Acsai got a Hungarian literature The Zoltán Zelk prize in December 2006. Due to the prize in Northeast Lapland’s Conservatory was arranged Hungarian-Finnish culture event 17.12.2006.

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Theatre costumer Lucie Vrtalová from Czech Republic had an exhibition in the artist residence in December 2006. The exhibition was called ”My Life in Lapland” in December 2006.

It consisted different art pieces, which has been made of papermaking pulp. On display were also masks, which have been made in open colleges costume course tutored by Lucie.

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 “Open Doors in Artist residence” –event for the public and Christmas Opening of the Kemijärvi town were held 25.11.2006.



Hungarian couple Roland Acsai and Veronika Varga arranged theme evening in the residence. The couple introduced their country’s culture.

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The Czech culture event in the artist residence. Vrtal’s family presented their country’s culture and served supper which been made by Czech way. About 20 persons took part in the event.

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The Czech artist’s Dalimil Vrtal’s art exhibition “Finland is an Ocean” in November 2006. Exhibition consisted photos, which has been printed on a fabric and wood. In exhibition space was shown slide show about photos that have been photographed again trough thin wood or ice.

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Subcommittee for Artists in Residence of the Arts Council of Finland visited Kemijärvi 2. – 3.11.2006. The committee held their autumn meeting and became acquainted with the Kemijärvi Artist Residence and the projects of residents.


10. –12.10.2006

Finland’s Broadcasting Corporations arts department were filming in Kemijärvi. The team realised a programme from sculptor Upi Kärri´s art life and projects, such as establishing the artist’s residence in Kemijärvi.Culture programme, K-Reppu: the Speaker from the Arctic Circle will be shown in Yle number 1 Channel on Sunday, 29.10.2006 at 18:35 and renewal on Tuesday, 31.10.2006 at 14.00.
Ilona Ikonen has edited the programme and Esko Puikko from East Lapland’s Media Center 
made filming in Kemijärvi.



Czech lunch served in Kemijärvi Adult Education Center. Event is organised by Kemijärvi Artists Residence and KemijärviAdult Education Center. Event is open for everybody.

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Taavi Kassila visited the Residence for the second time. He gave a lecture in the café, subject was “How meditation affects creativity and happiness.



Virranvaihto - a Media Art exhibition by the Glasgow-based German artist Harald Melrose Turek
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An exhibition by the primary school children from  East lapland  in Artist Residence 1.-14.7.2006. There is almost 200 drawings and the topic was "What is the meaning of the train in East Lapland".

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Train happening in Kemijärvi Jaakontori Square (as same as mass meeting and it’s caused by stopping the trail traffic to East Lapland) starting at 13.15 and ending at 16.00.

Happening incluted:



-there was some hutches where you could buy sausages, coffee, cake etc.

-Teddy boy made tour trips from Riekkoniemi to Isokylä stage (about 16 km). Departure times: 10.05, 11.30 and 12.30.

-during the event, there was exhibition in Kemijärvi art residence. It contained almost 200 train theme drawings made by East Lapland children.


Friday 7th of April 2006

Taavi Kassila visits the Kemijärvi residence and gives a lecture in the café of the residence on the 6th of April. The subject is “How meditation affects creativity”. On the same day there was an installation by Sabrina Harri on view. The installation consisted of many elements and different materials.



Kemijärvi art residence and Kemijärvi Woodsculpting association together have made exhibition at Kemijärvi Cultural centre. Exhibition is open 6.-30.6.2006.

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Sari Nikola's (Kirkkonummi / Finland) painting exhibition openings “Beauty of Kemijärvi part 2”. The artist painted the surroundings of Kemijärvi. Part 1 was made in March 2006 in Kemijärvi.

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2nd of March 2006

The animations are shown inside the residence by the request of the public.


Sunday 19th of March 2006

Baaba Jakeh Chande is the “artist of the month”. Baaba is a sculptor from Zambia. He tells about his country and his art. In the same event a document about West African musicians and story-tellers is shown.


Valentine’s Day 14th of February 2006

The students of the Kemijärvi school of art for children and young people had made different kinds of  reliefs and snow sculptures in front of the residence. There was a theatre made out of snow and on Valentine’s Day animations made by the students were projected on to the snow screen.


Friday 10th of February 2006

“The Culture Café” –event. Artist Petra-Maria Saarinen from Glasgow, Scotland, gives a presentation concerning her video art project, and the material she captured in East Lapland. Petra-Maria visited the residence 16th of January – 11th February 2006.


14th of December 2005 – 22nd of January 2006

Dalimil Vrtal from The Czech Republic visited the residence. During his visit he made snow sculptures in Pyhätunturi and Jaakontori, Kemijärvi


The residence is accessible for the audience 28th of November 2005


The openings of the artist residence on the 27th of November 2005


Wood Sculpting Symposium 25.6. – 3.7.2005

Several artists were staying in the residence during the Wood Sculpting Symposium. Capozza Enzo, Fedeli Maria Rita, Fedeli Flavia, Teles Nadia, Vergéau Jêrome, Smith Kevin, Lupi Gisele, Aroson Mariann, Palm Hille, Palm Lembit and Soans Jaak... etc.


Roofing celebration on the 27th of May 2005



ESF -project



ERDF -project


Artist residence – the project starts on the 11th of December 2002